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Fernando Lobo
Gustaaf Gelderstraat 23
1318AZ Almere


<<-Ga terug

I was born in the Algarve – Portugal in 1956, on the last day of Winter, of the zodiacal month, of the sign of Pisces, in short: the last day also of my journey to be again born as a citizen of the Earth. Every journey begins with a first step and that day was the first step of an amazing journey of discovery, adventure and realization. To become self-aware is a privilege of every human being and my journey into awareness has largely been made through creativity: painting and drawing images of the mind have been my favorite activities since I came to know myself. Developing a language of the soul has been my main endeavor in the field of the graphic arts. When trying to explain to another person what my conception of an object or a situation is, language becomes a necessity. I endeavor to express the picture my inner eye perceives and all the feelings, sensations and thoughts attached to the picture. For this I needed to develop a language. A language without words. I hope everyone visiting my website will enjoy “reading” the results of my work. Cheers!